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Bringing indian entrepreneurs and indian business angel investors togetherClick here if you are an Indian Entrepreneur looking for funding or investment. Venture Giant can connect you with indian business investors that are actively looking to invest in investment opportunities just like yoursClick here if you are an Indian Business Angel Investor searching for Indian Seed and early-stage, expansion and growth capital for existing and established indian businesses. Venture Giant is an indian based angel investment networkAbout Venture Giant IndiaInvestment Articles and business Angel ResourcesPartner with Venture Giant Worldwide
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What is Venture Giant?
Venture Giant is the leading online solution that matches serious & active business Investors' with Entrepreneurs' seeking investment to start-up their company or expand their existing business.

Based in Central London (UK), Venture Giant is expanding its’ network of Entrepreneurs and Self-Accredited Investors through creative partnerships into new territories and Countries.

We intend to become the World's largest Angel-Entrepreneur investment funding service.

Who are we?

We provide efficient, streamlined, cost effective exposure for Entrepreneurs ready to receive early stage funding from private individuals and investment houses like 3i.

Whatever the idea or investment proposal and in whichever industry you can be sure that Venture Giant is the perfect starting place - as our service not only solves the problem on where to source interested Investors, but also on how to organise and present the proposals to them in a quick and efficient, streamlined process.

Our Founders have over a decade of experience on both sides of the funding equation within the Angel investment industry.This unique vantage point has allowed us to help raise the sophistication of high net worth individuals and Investors by offering several clear advantages to them:

1) We’re more visible to entrepreneurs meaning that the proposal we receive are of a higher quality and range across a wide spectrum of industries;

2) We assist Investors personally to network with Entrepreneurs; 

3) And we allow Investors to collaborate and syndicate to potentially facilitate larger, pooled investments.

Why is Venture Giant better?

Venture Giant does not charge a finders fee, nor request a percentage of any capital raised using our service. Our service is free to use for both Entrepreneurs and self-accredited business investors.

We are so confident that we can find entrepreneurs the capital that they need for their business that we have built our whole platform around a pay-on-performance business model. This means that an entrepreneur will only need to pay us our one-off fee ‘when and if’ we locate Investors interested in discussing your proposal further. Further our charging policy and refund policy makes Venture Giant the premier place to advertise any capital requireme

To learn more about our charging policy click here

Legal Identity

This site is privately owned and operated by:

Venture Giant Enterprises Ltd a (UK), Central London based Investment company that intends to become the World's largest Angel Entrepreneur investment funding service.

Registered Office:       197 Praed Street, London, W2 1RH
Registration Number:   6644383

Incorporated under the laws of the United Kingdom

Joint Venture (JV) Opportunities

If you are interested in partnering with Venture Giant, click here to read up on our Licensing opportunities, Joint Venture, or exclusive territory agreements.

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