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An Ultimate Guide for Private Investors


Talking about investment, one uses the existing capital and grows it further, whether it has been achieved by investing in financial instruments generating good income, or maybe by just creating capital gains.There can be a number of investment options available, including cash, trusts, shares, bonds, property, managed funds and business avenues for insightful and astute business players such as venture capital.A planned diversification within different investment options would be considered a wise route towards generating long-term wealth.


Nevertheless, have you ever wondered why would you need investing at all? Today, every other individual has certain financial goals, which may differ from one stage to another.For instance,the ideas on handling their finances would differ from a student leaving university to parents who are raising their children with one salary and more of mortgage commitments.In either of the two situations,the purpose is one:accumulating enough money for retirement years.In the wake of the present economic situation in a majority of the western world where population is growing steadily, the workforce is shrinking to consider retirement pension plans.And as such, it becomes a necessity to also contribute towards retirement funds, to cater to ones lifestyle and living requirements.


Venture Giant helps you in establishing your own investment strategies and goals, whilst taking into account the factors such as your current assets and liabilities,current earnings and projected income for future years.You might have goals on starting up a new venture, expanding the existing business or paying for your child’s foreign education trip.Deciding on an investment strategy would involve various factors.

How much cost it would involve?
How much funds would be required to be set aside for your retirement?
Level of risk involved attaining the desirable returns?
Time frame available?
What tax impact it would have on investment classes?

Venture Giant assists you in deciding on the best investment option for you that leads you to generate long-term savings.

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Venture capital, to start with, is one of the most suitable investment options for private companies seeking to grow their financial backing, either through equity or debt arrangements.With this financial contribution, the investor gets a negotiated stake in the company and becomes a board member.Besides, the investor also gets the opportunity to share their skills and expertise with the management and also share the company’s revenues in the future.A venture capitalist always has three things in mind:

(1) a business must strategically suit his investment criteria;
(2) a business should be at its nascent development stage; and
(3) a business must have strong growth prospects.Basically, a venture capitalist seeks to yield good capital gains on exiting.


Investing in the market bound to carry more risk than just depositing your money in a bank. Investing in stocks directly or by investment companies can also make you lose your money,but at the same time,it generates good potential growth of your money in the long run.Venture Giant plays a key role in deciding the best investment option for you, considering your assets and debts, and of course your earnings.In case you are indebted hugely, you must seriously think about investing in equities rather.Debts come with interest payment that can ruin your finances.You must have some secure savings in a bank or maybe a building society that you can access in case of emergency.Also that you are aware investments also involve risks, you should be in a position to sustain any losses.Yes, you want profit obviously, but you should not fall short of finances if you incur losses.


Venture Giant considers how your investments have been diversified into various types of assets such as bonds,equities, cash, money markets, property, etc.and between different world markets, which influences the performance of your portfolio.You can also study different financial publications to get a good grasp of the investment options available and to understand the performance of the markets and read experts’ views on investment.National broadsheets also hold plentiful information on their financial pages,dedicated to investing.


In addition to the above,Venture Giant is always ready to offer you professional advice before you indulge into investments. Of course,it’s always better to seek financial advice before hand to avoid incurring huge losses in the long run.You must look carefully into your existing financial situation to proceed further.Your current assets,liabilities, income and expenditure will detail you on how much you can further make investments to grow your money further. Venture Giant provides you with professional advice, whether on an ongoing basis or on a on-off basis for your investment strategies for a product or service.Expert financial planners at Venture Giant help investors,such as yourself, on an individual basis on how to pursue things to achieve financial security and build wealth at the same time.

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